working on my cd175's

An old pal of mine had one when we all had aircooled RD’s:w00t:

I still have visions of him going round roundabouts, bars wagging and everything grounding:D:D:D

Handled like a tea trolly, braked like the Tory Canion and sounded like a wet fart…great fun though:D

Ya not wrong about the ‘Handling’ :w00t: but as a commuter it was cheap as chips;)

lol dad didnt mention the crap handling:p
but it is an old bike so kinda guessed
and ive got indicators plus a set of spare ones on the other bike :stuck_out_tongue:
but any spare info or wtv u hav lying around wud be great

Tell ya wot i have got…some new(4 off) but old (about 20years) NGK plugs! i found them last week cant remember what No. or bike there from I dont think they have a shelf life ask Dad :D(could be my old cb900f) so i’ll check them out also.