Working on a Saturday

Hi all

I am here at work with so much to do but not wanting to do any of it.

I know it’s a stupid post but is there anyone else having to work and if not why are you on the net and not out riding whilst it is dry

I’m here working mate! Well, not in the office but at home in front of the laptop doing some backstage work for LB… But I’m loving it!!!

every Saturday mate…another cross to bare as being an Estate Agent…which really curtails your riding. Though have to admit bike away now for winter/MOT/safe storage etc. Just really frustrating knowing I could still ride!!

yeah I work shifts so i am on a 12 hour day shift

I am looking after a telecoms network for all us people to be able to use the internet, sounds interesting, but not.

Role on 8pm

Damn that work!

Life sucks this time of yr. Next six months gonna b a bitch. Bugger all on telly, not that I get to watch anyway, always peeing down, and always too cold.

I gotta go work in an hr, 2moro nite too, then Plymouth for 3 weeks on a refit.

Was gonna do Frith last nite but got a effin migraine when I got back at 8, bugger.

Mite aswell go into hibernation.

Puppy look at it this way! At least you are getting rich mate!

Only rich in experience mate, hehe.

Luckily got family to stay with down there otherwise would have to do hotel, how borin would that be?

Work on Saturdays sucks…I just finished. Today I felt like stoned. At the same time I had in my bar 14 dressed transvestites, 2 devils, 2 draculas, one geisha, and a pakistanian folk band in their national outfits. How f*****ng surreal your day can be?? I felt like some kind of Alice in Wonderland!!!

Imagine them all in one place!!

X 14

X 2

X 2

X 1

X ??

BTW There is something worse than working on saturdays…it’s working saturdays AND sundays…I’m starting at 5pm tomorrow


This is the one weekend I get off in 4, so had to take the kids to the fireworks on Blackheath tonight. After a bit of overindulgence last night, couldnt have ridden the bike anyway



Now you have given me the ump…

You have never worked on a Saturday. Now I am in on Sunday aswell till 8pm