Working commuter bikes?

Hi all,

I haven’t ridden (or needed to) since my Dullsville was written off in 2010.

I’m now back in a role that warrants London commuting and carrying construction site PPE.

The Dullsville did the job, which means a circa 12 year old bike now.

Is anyone riding something more current that does the job just as well?


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I use a CB500x every day for commuting and site visits.
It’s as dull as ditch water but after 4 years and 36 thousand miles it hasn’t let me down and is as cheap as chips to run.
I guess a NC750 would be just as reliable but even duller.
Honda do reliable, like generators and lawnmowers, just not much interesting stuff.



I never had a chain drive long enough to worry, so what’s the reality of tensioning intervals with a Honda (if it makes a difference)?

I’ve seen one bike with a horrendously slack chain, but that was like just horrific all over. Still, bet no one stole it!

I think you’re making too much out of chain adjustment. The reality is a chain and sprocket set should be be good for 30 - 40,000 miles, replacing at around 1 to 1½% stretch, in real life that’s no more than about 19mm or ¾" which equates to adjusting the rear axle less than 10mm or ⅜".

Tensioning intervals are dependant on how you ride and quality of chain/sprockets. Ride sensibly, as you would commuting in heavy London traffic and a decent DID chain and JT sprocket set shouldn’t give you any trouble. The 250’s DID/JT chain and sprocket gets properly adjusted from day one, used and abused, regularly lubed especially after being exercised in the rain and I cant remember the last time I had to adjust it, maybe at 8,000 intervals.



The boy is back. Honda NC750 is a dream to commute on. I’ve had them as courtesy bikes and they are really easy to live with. Loads of storage and a low revving engine (Half a Civic engine) it just glides along like like Diesel car.

I’m not very good at adjusting my chain so I just get it done when the bike is serviced every 4,000 miles. When Essential Rubber was still open I asked Mick about a Scott Oiler. He said a can of lube and some discipline was better. Once a week and every time it rains.

It’s 2 minutes work with a paddock stand, even less with a centre stand. You can retrofit a centre stand to an NC750. It already has the brackets in the frame.

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Funnily enough I moved out of London so needed to change my SV650 as the long commute on that was starting ttake it out of me so I bought a dullsville.

It is not an exciting bike but you’ll know that, bit it is great for the job I bought it for. Low maintenance, plenty of storage, ok on fuel etc.

The chain thing, you’ll can get the mileage NT mentioned but one thing is the maintenance on it, I got to the point where I was having to clean and grease the chain weekly which became a bit of a chore.

Fwiw mine is a 2007, I had to apply for the Certificate of conformity but I can ride it through London (for the moment at least) without paying Anu of the charges.

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I’m doing Ascot to Waterloo on a Z1000SX