Work this weekend at bike Event In Alton - Girls Wanted

Over the years I have given work to people from here at the MotoGP, BsB and BTCC and Bike shed show.

Guys and girls. Paying superb money to be surrounded by the things we love.

From now I shall never offer it again thanks to dickheads like the two below.

Londonbikers is not what it used to be.


Talk about gender equality - so when can “presentable and bubbly” boys be hired to serve hot dogs and coffee ?

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You are a dickhead. We have a lot of men working already. I didn’t say it was girls only working you idiot. You need to get a life mate.

I was just hoping to offer some of the lady LB-ers some easy fun work. Trying to encourage women among this very male dominated community.

@Jay this is what this place is about these days?

Are they “presentable on bubbly” too or are the 1970’s attitudes only applicable to the girls?

You win… well done.

Is there pictures or a quote missing from this thread?..

Wow, i didn’t expect such a response. Didn’t mean to press your buttons.

You should ask yourself what this place is becoming if your reply starts with “dickhead” and “idiot”. Also, please dont try to say you’re “trying to encourage women” in the community if they’re just being presented to “serve hot dogs” especially if they have to be “presentable and bubbly”. We all know what you’re looking for, it’s just not the time and place man.


I feel I should step in for clarity.

  1. Rixxy is an old-school LBer, he’s been here from almost the start. Longer than some of us have been riding.
  2. He runs a business that does street PR and stuff like that. The brief he stated was probably what the client told him he wanted. He’d be doing a disservice by dumbing it down.
  3. He was essentially using the LB forum as a free recruitment posting. Seeing as it was a bike event, it makes sense he would find the sort of people he was looking for on here.
  4. He didn’t do himself any favours by removing the original post so we can’t see context of comments.
  5. This is an open forum and people are free to post sarcastic comments if they want to.
  6. Perhaps his post would’ve been better received by those who don’t know him if he’d been a more active member.
  7. Perhaps he could have taken the sarcastic comments on the chin and clarified position rather than throwing toys out the pram immediately.

Hey dude Long time.

All fair points.

But in reality the event is over subscribed and I had a cancelation from someone who was driving down with 2 of her friends.

I stuck it on here as in the past I have had nothing but positive comments and feedback from those doing the work.

I dont have time for BS and I dont need a idiots input into the use of the words" presentable and bubbly" Just because they are female. If it was a guy I would not have used the word bubbly but I prob would have said outgoing and I defo would still have said presentable.The truth is the description perfectly describes someone who is comfortable interacting with strangers and helping out at an event. I doubt you have ever met anyone who is presentable and bubbly in your mums basement.

The bottom line is I won’t offer work on here. I don’t need to and I was just thinking it would be a great opportunity for someone. I now need staff this weekend too for a BTCC and the BSB the following week but ill stick to keeping it all away from LB.

Mian you know me mate - I used to be at every event and every meet. But these days i’m just to busy. But I always valued LB. Frankly if this is what this forum does to people who might be new members its a pretty hostile place. Good luck im out.


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Lustfish got lambasted for offering the opportunity to do market research. £100 for 2 hours work. Was accused of setting members up to have their bikes stolen. I’m guessing they didn’t know who she was.

Hope to see you at the Christmas Party Rixxy.

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I’m sticking up for Rixxy here. I’ve only met him three or four times. The last of which was at the Parcmotor circuit in 2017. Rixxy was kind enough to volunteer some of time to me, helping me improve around the track. We didn’t know each other well, yet he gave me about half an hour of his time working on one particular aspect of my riding. I didn’t realise at the time, but he was running a lap timer on me, and by the time he finished, he said I’d shaved 6 seconds off of every lap.

Track time is not cheap. Yet he volunteered his time to me, and a I gratefully accepted. He didn’t need to do that, yet he did, which was very kind of him. Also, his manner of coaching was very clear and constructive, better than some of the tutors I’ve had at Ron Haslem Race School.

You’re a great bloke Rixxy!


Give it another go Rixxy and stay. People just engage in banter. It’s not personal.

Joby and Aceman!

Long time guys. I might drop in. I think I till owe someone dinner???

Eezie - there is banter then their is trying to stir up issues. Which this idiots did. As I say it was literally just offering some good work and money at the sort of event we love to go to. But im not going to do that on here now as I just dont have the time or the patience to deal with awful people.

Joby - lets get out for a run mate. North BCR?

Rixxy - don’t know you, I’m fairly quiet on LB (but have been on the bike-fora scene a long time), so just wanted to pitch in. :wink:

FWIW - yes the replies weren’t the most welcoming to your original post (now deleted, so I’ve no idea what you said), but, in balance, you were the first (apparantly) to start slinging insults and throwing toys out of prams.

I simple reply to H0nda of “Not a fair reply, this is valid work for those who might want it, can we please keep the assumptions to a minimum.” and you’d probably have had 15 replies from people wanting the job, and possibly a sensible discussion of the issue. Compared to some forums I frequent, this place is a haven of friendliness, politeness, and pleasantness (for the most part), long may it continue. :slight_smile:

FWIW it looks to me (maybe I’m just jaded) that H0nda’s initial comment was rather more tongue-in-cheek than any form of accusation.

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I did see the original post, and as Michael748 said, as written it sounded like it was from the 1970s and basically offered an opportunity to women to be eye candy.

Now maybe that was unfair. I did understand what was meant by “bubbly,” but it is still an outdated and deamining way of putting it. And maybe there was a genuine reason why such a job was only open to women. Such as the current staff roster being so male-dominated they wanted to hire more women to make it feel more inclusive to those attending, and these were the only positions remaining.

But instead of offering that explanation and accepting the choice of language used should have been better, instead we saw a torrent of abuse.

Maybe Jay can tell us if that is what this place is about these days? Beause to me the unapologetic use of misogynsitic language, and abuse for daring to “to stir up issues” by not tolerating it, is what will make it a pretty hostile place to new members. And to women.

Incidentally, does anyone know H0nda’s gender? I do not, but a man deciding what is enouraging to women then lecturing someone who might be a woman seems off, regardless of whether or not they are.

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Woman/men are used as eye candy the world over maybe someone should fire email off to Kawasaki or Honda or MotoGP ceo if there that unhappy about it.:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::+1:
A storm in a t cup really,rixxy probably over reacting really, maybe busy and stressed out we all have bad days​:+1::+1::+1:image image
Personally I like fishing just as much as motorbikes check out the fish it’s a whooper.

Clearly you where not paying that much attention. As I said I already have it fully book on the guys side. In fact there is more guys than girls.

Im not looking for brolly dollies or anything close to it. You couldn’t be more wrong.

Truth is its causing issues for issues sake. So its totally fine. Opportunity gone.

No, you only said that after you called H0nda “a dickhead… You need to get a life mate” and deleted your original post.

Had you instead taken on board their point and just said “Sorry for the way I described it, but…” then this thread would be three posts, you would probably have had offers, the site would look a friendly and welcoming place, and people who are not already your friends would have had a better opinion of you.


My original comment was intended more “tongue-in-cheek” than anything else. After all, we are still all free to choose what kind of work we want.

But your reaction to my single comment just blew everything out of proportion. And whatever I post isn’t representative for the whole of LB, so to withdraw your “offer” because of my single post isn’t fair to everyone else here. You’re definitely more part of LB than I am because you know quite a few people here - i am just merely a like minded biker who is taking interest in the various discussions here.

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Loool you want me to apologise cos I used the word Bubbly??? Are you mental?

Yeah I made my point clear because the basement dwellers couldn’t compute the words presentable and bubbly without it linking to their fav porn site.

I have designed customer service teams at some of the worlds biggest events venues.

In all those years no one has ever questioned it like that and it sure as hell isnt the first time we have described it like that.

Truth is people like him are a utter waste of oxygen. If he felt that strongly and really wanted an answer he could have PM’d me.

He was looking to stir up shit. Which he did. Only I’m the sort of bloke who takes huge offence to people like that as people like me make sure the very events he attends go ahead. Then have to deal with this sort of utter keyboard rubbish.

I deleted it purely cos I find i ridiculous. Utterly ridiculous. I didn’t reply politely cos I don’t have too, just like he didn’t politely PM me.

It was behaviour by someone exactly as I described them as. So we are really clear I wouldntsay a single thing different to your face. And the people on here who say these lovely things would also tell you that too.

So Honda. You have lost everyone else the opportunity and yes that is my decision. Every action has a reaction. But you can go back to feeling really right about yourself like you have done just in the world. Well done.

I still cannot believe it.