Work pictures

found one of jay at the GP!!!

smiled will tell ya that he works with aircraft!!! yeah right!!

Mike (M9performance) will tell ya that he does custom bikes!!!

check out the clocks and horn of one of he’s latest bikes!!

richie (gsxrressurector) say’s in your profile your an office gimp!! couldnt see no office when i took this pic of you???

This is a poster of what Adam is recruting in the Middle east, and he has to personally give each guy a full medical.

As ginger lost his licence, his firm gave him a new mode of transport to help him do some stuff at work. Youve got to admit its better than the heap he`s got.

This is what Sherrie has tried to sell Adam and the fool bought it.

Sherrie said as all estate agents would say to this. It`s a quaint little property sited in the countryside with greta views. House is in top condition with large open window at the rear.

Not saying that Westie is a bad sales man but he did convince this woman that this was perfect for the school run.


frogga, what do you do for a living and maybe i can find out what you really do.

debz and grim have thier company!! heres a pic of the backlog of cars they’ve still got to restore!!

Here`s a car Grim and Debz finished last week.

here is cameron (ADAMSKY) trying on he’s new work uniform for the RAF!!

zephyr steve!!! lorry driver!! yeah alright!! spends he’s days sat on motorway bridges spotting for Eddies!!

This is Steve having a break with some trucking mates.

Steve is on the right.

barro! underground controller!!

I love this site.

frogga’s bus!! driving down the high street!!

ha ha na that would not suit ma legs… anyway nuffin in the RAF ever looked that good in a uniforn.

ha ha PMSL

i wish my bus could do that.

i know i`l always be on time wid dat thing