Work pictures

I found a picture of Adamh at work in his uniform.

This is Ben`s advert for his job and the person in the picture is him.

johnny johnny johnny!!! this is the general chat section!! not the pics and vids section!!

i couldnt find any pics of you at work!! cos they didnt have camera’s back then!!

Grim will move this topic over, he usually does for me.

This Tug`s so called car vehicle, he said he was a chauffer with a posh car, but i found his vehicle behind the cab office not so posh is it.

Terry said he was a super fast courier, riding like a loon through the streets of London, but i took a picture of him on one of his jobs.

ok ok ok wat my job hun!!! im feeling left out here

Seeing ginger has lost his licence i caught him at work getting about.

Thought this one was Adam at work !



Gina hunny this is you as yo`ve got to be an angel looking after Lance corprol upyourarse when he comes home.

Trojan that`s Adams pin up in his locker.

heres trojen



thankyou huny!!XX

john the plumber??? plumbing WHAT is the real question???

as for you barry!!!

i found a pic of you at work johnp, wonder if your doing your job right now, no wonder the price of mac donalds keeps going up if the have to make doors wider for people like you


john p at work.jpg

heres my babe



here’s porkscratching taking his job serious



here’s trojan with his guns




here’s smiled dog, cant be a guard dog can it


puppy smoking.jpg

Keep 'em coming, im pmsl here