work and play!!

some not very good work pics cos i havnt got any others and some from a practice session this afternoon!:smiley:

nice one adam…you like a proper stunter:)

well done mate looking good:)

very cool pics there:)

look like a nice bit of open space to play on;):cool:

How do we know that’s really you in that lid? :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

Lookin’ good mate :cool:

Nice one Adam :slight_smile:

I understand you playing but i didn`t know that you knew the meaning of the word WORK.:stuck_out_tongue:

Is the rear tire meant to be that flat??? Saw it quite flat on the wheelie photos…

cheers guys!!

andrei, the rear tyre is under pressure for stability in a straight line, but i’ll putit up to about 20psi when i start getting more confident with circles cos at the minute it wants to highside in a turn!:blink:

john, course i know what work is!! erm! erm! ok you win!!:stuck_out_tongue:


Very cool pics dude.

V Cool

How long does it take to learn that sh*t…and how many bike you gone through trying?

Wheelies are one thing but that just stuff makes me green with envy.

you jammy git, can’t believe you get paid for this :hehe:

Looking good though Adam, I know you’ve put in a lot of work and time to get to the level you’re at. Well done :kiss:

its amazing what you have achieved adam…i think you look amazing out there mate and to be a part of the Army display team is something that only people dream of…:smiley:

top reps to ya mate…cant wait too see the display and get an autograph on a poster!!!:w00t:




Nice skills dude :slight_smile:

So which one of the white helmets is you?

Good skills there Adam, impressive stuff! :smiley:

but its not a gixer!!!


nice ad looking proper mate well done!!

Awesome man…

looking good adam, didnt take you long to get used to the cbr then :slight_smile:

Cool pics :w00t: