how many of you 125 riders and learners are going on the ride-out in support of Wooton Bassett and the afghan heroes?

and is there an alternate route organised for us 125s and learners as part of the original route uses the M4??


i did want to go but the reg was closed aweek sooner then said :frowning:

Nothink stoping you from going on rideout, Just wont be able to enter RAF base. :slight_smile:

ye true, but would have been nice to be going in. :wink:

This might be of interest to you m8…

This announcement was on the Facebook link…

*"After the meeting today with the authorities and the unprecedented response from the biking community we have been asked to close registration one week early. It will unfortunately NOT be re-opening.
We would like to reassure everyone that the ride IS GOING AHEAD W…ITH the FULL suppo…rt of the police and local authorities. We have spoken to a few local businesses who are all looking forward to the day. ALL bikes will be riding through Wootton Bassett no matter what you may have heard.
Plan details re: routes, times, wristbands, will be made available in document format soon. We have another meeting with the police next week to discuss the finer details.
We can confirm that we will NOT be riding on any stretches of the motorway.

We would like to apologise to anybody who has not registered however wanted to join us, we thank everybody for their patience and support.Thank you for your patience!
Lizzie, Daniel & Julia"*

bloody nice one! thanks for letting us know jools…is there still people setting off from Dunstable Downs?

Not sure about that m8. I know most are meeting at The Ace and then swinging by Heston Services for the rest of us.

nice one…i think the ace is best…only thing is i dont know how to get to the ace…could someone meet me in brent cross/cricklewood so i could follow them. brent cross because ill be coming from the A41 (watford way).

perhaps the tesco/toysrus car park?

any takers please PM me so we can arrange it.