YES! A month after my twatish accident I have got the thundercat back on the road.

I’ve spent ages putting it back together, then finding out that something is wrong and taking her apart again to correct it. I must have done this a few times now, but its different this time… she’s sorted.

Well kind of! She’s looking really tatty… and has no screen (despite having ordered this a month or so ago).

I’ve missed riding soo much. And I missed the end of summer. Still lets hope that this is an awesome autumn for riding.

I can finally look forward to attending one of the meets / ride outs.

Nice one man :slight_smile:

how did you learn the knowledge to tinker, or did you pick it up as you were going along?

Cheers mate,

Learn’t as I went along. But my mate and his father my motorcycle mechanics. Not that they volunteered and helped, but I did work with them on a boat or two.

Funnily enough I ended up with about half and ice cream tub worth or bolts an brackets left over. Moral of the story… NEVER let me take anything apart.

btw Tom you been to a meet yet?

Think I’d be too scared to take my bike apart and learn one bolt at a time :stuck_out_tongue:

I haven’t been to a meet yet. I get mondays off, so should try a newbie meet, but I’m busy the next few weeks driving the missus around for get move to uni. Will make the effort soon though. Bit shy though and will be embarrassed by my lack of…scrap that… absence of knowledge :stuck_out_tongue:

will look forward to seeing the thundercat in person though :slight_smile:

Give me a shout when you go to w newbie meet and I’ll make sure i’m there too.

She is uber tatty and nothing special. It mainly the new tweaks that I like now. She’s so twitchy :smiley:

thundercats arn’t supposed to be minters anyway, they just get on with the job with no fuss :cool: get your arse down BM on a wednesday and I’ll shout ya a newbie beer

Leon, my man, you have yourself a deal.

Tom hope you get in on this too. Wed @ BM from 6/7pm.

She used to be mint, which is why its such a shame.

nightshift on wednesdays :frowning:

what’s the maintenance like on a thundercat?

who cares when you ride a “THUNDERPUSSY” :smiley: Love that! :smiley:

Not too much maintenance for a pussy :P… One of the few bikes that just takes whatever you throw at it. (even roundabouts :D)

The norfolk run is on the 2nd Oct its the first rideout I went on last year and was properly looked after being a noob.