just got a phone call from xfm, ive won two tickets to get loaded in the park on Sunday :D:D

now to decide who i take along with me…

plus its my last day of this job, tues i start new one, and im going to look at new bikes tomorrow :D:D

nice one:D sounds like things are going well - send some luck my way will ya LOL

couldn’t be better :wink:

You lucky, lucky, jammy bast**d!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Enjoy mate! :wink:

so, whos free sunday now then?

Me Me Me :wink: not really mate, well done and have fun :wink: try and find a hotty to take with ya :smiley:

Good lord, well good for you, now smile you miserable barsteward…:stuck_out_tongue:

It’s in the genes being from NI and all. :P;)

Well done mate, hope the weather holds up and you have a great day there.

No chance inviting you wee son :stuck_out_tongue: