Picked up my blue YBR today! Went on a ride around town and up to the Ace with Mr-C! Was super awesome (though my left hand bloody ached)!
Props to Chris for helping me out with getting everything sorted :slight_smile:
Look forward to rideouts with you lot!

More fun than …


Enjoy it … stay safe … but most importantly - make sure you look after it - or else :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

what he said!

Enjoy! :smiley:

:kiss:bet ur all exited and dont want to get off it!!!:smiley:

I remember that day when I got my bike. I was like :D:D:D:D:D and then I opened the throttle and was like:w00t:…:smiley:

Got back about half an hour ago from an evening ride around London :D:D:D

Haha! Thanks Chris, will do my best. I’ll bombard everyone here with a million stupid questions! :slight_smile: