Woohoo, only 9k for insurance! :)

When I was after a quote last year on a BMWS1000RR no one anywhere would insure me

now I’m 23 I can get insured on my dream bike for only just over £9k! :slight_smile:

I currently pay about £1000 to insure my Z1000, not much of a difference right!?

you got me intrested now I couldn’t get insured 6 months ago and im 25 lol and I still cant :laugh:

on the plus side it is only £1300 for an 899 panigale :D:Whistling:

Was fully comp cheaper? :hehe:

Still, free breakdown cover saves you a few quid…:ermm:


When i was 23 i had a Fireblade and i think i was only paying £400 fully comp!! (OK, admittedly it was 14 Years ago!!) Insurance is a Joke. i pay just under £300 now and i thought that was a disgrace. I don’t think i’d have a Bike if it were a Grand to Insure, Don’t even need to think about £9k Insurance!

I pay £174 a year for my bike that includes telling the truth about my mileage

My king is £450 and the cb500 is £140. Both fully comp with 3 points on my licence

Where do you live? Moss Side?

You can do better than that, there is a 23yr old on the S1K forum who paid £1400 this year so I believe.

22, 5 years no claims, living in north London, got a quote of £5633.12 for TPF&T, think ill stick to what I have haha, I get my Versys, DRZ and XT all for just under £400 total!

Only 1 insurer would quote on compare the market

Carole Nash refused to quote

it will be years before I can get a S1000RR :frowning:

I live just outside of North London, I’m 24, 0 years no claim bonus and I paid £670 for TPF&T cover but with a huge £1300 excess on my policy when I got my Ninja 636, when I tried to do something with it they told me they wouldn’t insure me with less excess but I should not be worried because I have insurance excess protection and I should be able to get it back anyway. When I changed bikes on the policy for a GSXR 600 K7 I had to pay only some admin fees like £40 pounds extra. I hope it will go down next time I’ll have to insure my bike.

Lets see who can get the highest insurance quote.

Use you correct details though :slight_smile:

yeah I had the 636 in my display picture for a little over a month before it was stolen, quotes on 600’s, Z1000, SV1000,etc. aren’t too bad, if I want to get insured on a S1000RR, Ducati 1098 or similar it is almost 10k though lol!

That’ll be due to your age and riding experience, they reckon that you who have been riding on a full licence for about 2 years (sorry, only going by your age) won’t be able to handle an S1000RR better than say the likes of me who has been riding for 15 years on a full Licence.

Personally I think that is the biggest load of crap going! If that was the case then I should be better at riding than Marc Marquez as I’ve been riding bikes (with & without a licence) since before he was Born!!

These companies only give these ridiculous quotes as they don’t want to be seen as not quoting, but then they aso don’t want to insure you so they quote a ridiculous amount knowing that you won’t pay it.

£187 Fully comp on my S1k and it’s got £15k worth or extras!


£275 in N London on my XT660. Was considering a Chinese 125 supermoto a while back for cheap commutes, but insurance on it would have been £295 :w00t: Go figure!

As an aside to the above, I nearly got hit with a cheeky little insurance trick yesterday… I’m changing my car tomorrow and phoned Direct Line to amend my policy. “No other changes to policy?” asks the woman. I said no there wasn’t. So she comes back and says that there will be no charge for changing my car - either through a premium change or any admin charge. Good stuff I think. Then she says “So everything’s the same other than change of car… same address, mileage, £350 voluntary excess etc”. I told her my voluntary excess was £250 when I bought the policy and not £350, so she offers to check what the premium will be at a £250 excess. And comes back with “There’s no change in price” :wink:

Obviously it would only cost me in the event of a claim, but I reckon they thought they could sneak that one in there without me noticing :exclamationmark:

I searched for insurance for my car a few months back and on the Meerkat site I changed the voluntary excess to see what different excesses done to the final price, I found that you can go from £100 to £300 voluntary excess without it making any difference, £300 and above only brought it down in £10 increments. so for me there was no point having £300 excess as it was exactly the same policy price etc as if I had £100 excess. and pointless as having higher than £300 as the drop in premium price didn’t reflect the increase in Excess in the event of an accident.

Just done a MCN compare. £97 fully comp for my fireblade with £100 excess and it’s not garaged. 45 years old, clean licence, passed test 18 years ago. Have it :smiley:

It all depends on the bike to be honest i looked at insurance quotes for me when im 16 for a 125 yamaha r125 came to 3400 and a ktm duke 125 came to 430 so i think ill rather have the duke and tune it up a bit for that money.