Excellent shop, friendly guys, buy all my bikes from them (apart from my last one, believe me I wont make that mistake again), Alan and Peter are real gentlemen always a pleasure and very quick.

10/10 for me aint heard a bad word about them


+1 just had mine serviced there.

12k service, they left some stuff that didnt need changing for next time to spread cost. Balanced my injectors and they did say should be a bit more responsive - the front came off the floor pinning it this morning :smiley: Didnt think that was possible on the old banger :w00t:

My local garage too. As I ride a trumpet I don’t normally take it in for servicing as this is a Yamaha dealership, however, I recently bought a set of aftermarket (um, shall we say loud!?!) pipes for my Bonnie and due to my not having the correct tools to remove cooked on allen key type bolts, I took the Bonnie there for them to sort - courteous and mega friendly as always - the job took one of the guys 2 hours to do due the the nature of the problem (so I am not a complete tool after all!) and subsequently installed the new pipes - amazing! Would totally recommend to anyone. Great guys! :smiley:

Yeah, I had my R1 serviced there…very impressed. Weren’t cheap but very good value for money:cool:

Were my local too and indeed not cheap but always professional and competent with the old Kwaka.