Woodcraft Caseing from Crescents

Just a few pics of fitting this to the Stealth supplied from Crescents, many thanks from mate Dave for sorting Locktite cheers for tips Jay !!


Copy of Crescent casing 13.7.06 001.jpg

Copy of Crescent casing 13.7.06 005.jpg

Crescent casing 5.6.06 002.jpg

Copy of Crescent casing 13.7.06 002.jpg

Copy of Crescent casing 13.7.06 003.jpg

Crescent casing 13.7.06 006.jpg

Copy of P1010011.JPG

Oooh look nice …

Hehehe, nice one Pete. Got no stands? Did an oil-change at the same time?

That looks sweet as! I love the black.

Yes iv got stands but its only just had an oil change so i proped it up against the wall

Looks good while giving the protection you hope you’ll never need nice one Pete.

Does the cover go on top of or replace the OEM version?

[EDIT] Silly question it replaces it right!, ahhh I just brought a OEM casing from eBay, that was a waste

(Anyone want to buy a OEM casing for a gixer K4/K5 600 PM me)

Its a new cover mate but not cheap but well worth it

I just edited the last post, after taking a moment to think.

Now I have to repost the OEM part I brought back on eBay do you have a URL to the Cresent engine casing Pete

Thanks Artist

Sorry mate i got mine from a mate at another dealer and he was able to lose the VAT on it i paid £145, you will have to ring Crescents to order it or just get standard Woodcraft caseing like Jay it still looks the part !!

I saw a black woodcraft one with a red scratch plate now if they did the plate in blue mmm

Ill give them a call tomorrow from work Thanks for your help Pete