Woo Hoo Knee Down!

Pleased with myself today as it finally happened. Demented Roundabout action was the cause with some major hanging off!

I have got a very short inside leg at 28" , do you think I am taking too much of a risk as I probably have to hang/lean off further than some of you taller peeps?

I have got about 5 mil left of tyre looking at the tread and the pegs aren’t grinding. How does one tell when you’ve got to the limit? (other than a tarmac skid on your 'arris!)

I know it serves no purpose really on the road other than a gauge of lean angle but it was fun!

Perhaps I need to get some fatter sliders ( If they exist!)


'‘I have got about 5 mil left of tyre looking at the tread and the pegs aren’t grinding. How does one tell when you’ve got to the limit? (other than a tarmac skid on your ‘arris!)’’


Yer, thats a big clue! lol

I was finding it very difficult to GMKD today. Went to a place today, not a roundabout as such more of a long sweeping curve followed by a short straight and another curve, so a big oval. Not the easiest place to go but usually quite quiet because it is next to a business estate.

When you get close to the limit you can feel the tyre letting go as you lose grip you start drifting a little wide. the bike does not hold a nice tight line. I still had at least 1.5cm left on the front and the rubber was starting to move. Bridgestone 014’s, rubbish! Knee stuck out was not touching down. Didn’t feel confident enough to push it harder. Stopped had a little breather then thought sod this and went for it again, stuck bum over edge of seat and skkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk… hanging off like a chimp at the zoo… felt a bit like cheating though.

Ive not got my knee down at all yet, had a set of pilot sports fitted yesterday and they feel awesome, I can already lean the bike over further than I could on the old tires. I feel so much more confident on the new tires and will be getting the knee down pretty soon

Cool. I’ve just got my new Diablo scrubbed in! Feels good after changing from my 014’s


Hello BTW. Where are you? Get your name down in the newbie section.

Good point. Forgot 2 say hi in there…on my way


Cheers, that’s the sort of specific advice I’m after. I feel a bit better hearing that.


Just been reading on the gixerjunkies website a guy has destroyed his bike just yeasterday doing this. Porbably a good idea to leave it alone until the temp is in the mid twenties. Mid teens the tyres are probably not getting the heat into them.

Firstly congrats on getting ure knee down…its something im trying to do myself at the mo.

So this weekend, went out on the bike, dry day and found a nice roudabout started caining it around, increasin speed progessivly, 3rd gear and increasing the lean. Bikes leaning over pretty far and my toe starts scrapping but no knee after streching out as far as i can.

Any advice on what im doing wrong? i studied the tyre afterwards and the right hand side was worn up to the edge so i do think i am getting a sufficient lean angle. Im not very flexible so i suspect that could be an issue…

At first glance at the title I thought this thread was going to be about one of our oriental members falling off their motorcycle

Very good!

To help my knee angle I pointed my toe towards the tarmac to open the hips out and look around the side of the bike and really look at the limit point and chase it!

You weren’t wearing Sidi boots were you?

I’ve found my foot slip off the pegs a number of times wearing these and can be a bit disconcerting as you tip it into a corner

if your toe’s are scraping odds are your foot is in the wrong position (the end of the peg should scrape really). is the ball of your foot on the peg?

its almost always about body positioning. you shouldn’t have to push your knee out particularly (unless your leathers are restrictive/non stretch). you need to hang off supporting your weight with your outer leg against the tank. your inside leg/peg pressure should be relaxed/light as far as possible, same with your grip on the bars. get one cheek of your ass off the seat, body and head nice and low to the side of the tank and looking around the front fairing (i.e. avoid twisting up and effectively keeping your weight central over the bike, otherwise youre moving around for nothing).

if you’re to the edge of your tyre, you’re prob leaning enough already (altho scrubbing to the edge isn’t the same as the maximum lean possible). try looking at the trackday threads/pics on here, or racer pics and look at how they look on the bike with it cranked over.

if you haven’t seen this before


and if you want to be depressed:


Listen to the old pro now…

haha, quiet in the cheap seats

I’ve only managed it once, accidentally… not realising how far I was hanging off (I have a big arse, it’s hard to tell ), and went right through the knee of a pair of textile troos doing so. Not going to try it again until I’ve got something resembling sliders attached to my knees

Once… oh sorry you’re not including horizontal parking exploits then?

cheers johnny some things there i wasnt doing right for sure, i think i need someone to take a photo/watch me do it so i know exactly what position im in and where i should be - then it will be easier to correct. I reckon when i do my track day over easter im gonna be so much better this time as these tyres and the bike in general are running so sweet and my endurance has gone up from increase in cv training to prep for summer!

Thanks johnny maybe i should come out on a ride out with u one day and u can show me how a pro does it!