wondering if anyone has got/tried....

has any one tired this and iff so what did u think of it? its in the hein gericke catalouge on page 38…

and also…anyone used/got a Alpine allstars “bionic 2 protector” jacket…on page 148…

cheers in advance


Never tried that jacket not really my style but as 98% of my kit is from Alpinestars and I have put their products to the test before I would bet my skin it’ll keep you safe if used in the correct way mate.

As for the back protector it also will be top quality but if you wanna go one better without spending a penny extra go for a KNOX item, when it comes to armour there leading the way you can also pick it up from HG Stores.

the Artist

is that the camo jacket as i see them in rex judds last week and alex and john were doing a big alpinestar order with the rep.

i heard HG have stopped there discounts now.

Is it this one?

yep that was the one i see in there.

You heard right about HG I just finshed telling the guys at Rexx that damn news flys, If you really do need something you can only get from HG give me a PM Sammy ill see what I can do :wink:

I have ordered this from the states. Its about 50 quid cheaper. I have to wait for delivery so I’ll tell you when it comes… :smiley:

really liek that jacket…want one…

the good old U.S of A lol, did they sting u with shipping cosr or was it still much cheaper? and i know what u mean ratty, ive seen one in grey/white-ish…:w00t: georgousssssss



You will look gay in that you would need something pink to make you look more manly

looks like you should be playing counterstrike more than riding in that, does it come with a bullet proof vest?

LOL @ grandpa sleeper pipe down over there before i tell the nurses at ur nursing home to leave u on the toilet with no bog roll

@ Orange spoon, i already have one, you get one free with every happy meal u order in the old kent road mc d’s :hehe::smiley:

maybe phantomgixer can post some pics uo if it when he gets his one (if u dont mind) then that way we can see how it really looks,

i dont know if uve seen garrets jacket… but its almost identical in terms of armour placement if the description i read of it was accurate

oi dont slag off old kent road MaccyDs, thats part of my staple diet :smiley:

hi guys, my first post :wink:

this should help http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a2xIA1adbDM

maybe you guys can help me, im new to bikes so im buying my first gear but im really unsure about which boots i should buy, i think my limit would be 100 and i want boots that are good for walking in too. thanks. much appreciated.

Razored, Wlecome to Lb and thanks for making your first post on my thread:D

that was realy good! im liking the look of it…maybe not in that colour scheme though! defienently would want to upgrade the back/chest protector eventually…

im new to biking myself na d havent event done my DAS yet so i wouldnt be able to advse you on gear as yet, try making a new post so that everyone can see the qesution, defo get more response that way!

thanks dude!!


Hey ShinZuka
I have not got it yet, I have bought quite alot of stuff from the US of A . I just ask them to send to me as a gift or mark it as $50. Had some stuff sent over as a ‘belated B’day’ pressie.
They are quite helpful and the price in £££ is the same usually in $$$.

Ill post some pics when i do get it… :smiley:

Yeah I got this jacket, its a quality item for the price, suits the streetfighter mob really though, the youtube review is usefull - personally prefer the UK colourscheme in black/white/grey
appears to be showerproof and relatively warm as mentioned in the review
get one;)

Im selling a female one of these!!