Women's Dainese Jeans or other recommendations?


I’m about to buy the Dainese Nikita Leather Jacket and want some jeans to go with it as my textile waterproof trousers look silly with it.

Has anyone worn the Dainese D25 or D19 jeans (and thoughts on the sizing and fit?) or have any recommendations for a good pair of ladies biking jeans?

Also where did you get your jeans from? The local bike shops I’ve been checking out have really poor stock of women’s clothing. I think i’m just going to order off the internet.


When we were looking for Maya we went to a few places but there were slim pickings for ladies GTX textile trousers. We saw a few jeans but nothing to write home about. We ended up trying a pair of trousers for size and ordering a different style we found online.

If you are buying a leather jacket + jeans, I can strongly recommend the belt zip adaptor by dainese. It fastens on with your belt and loops of jeans and allows you to zip jacket and jeans together :slight_smile:

A few of the major players:


I have a couple of pairs of Bull-It jeans.
They shipped them to me, rather than trying them on in a shop as I also couldn’t find the style I wanted.
I also called them up and asked a few questions- I wanted something that wasn’t a low waist, which a lot of the jeans tend to be- they said to me ‘wait a week and we have a new style coming’- that is what I did and they fitted fine.

They were fine with exchanging but be aware you need to pay the return shipping.
They are pretty warm on the hot days- in some ways I prefer textiles when it is really warm as they breathe a bit better and have vents.

Have considered getting leather trousers?

Avoid draggin jeans! They are awful fitting, they fit like men’s except have “woman” slapped on the label. My alpinestars kerry tech denim are wonderful fitting, just like normal jeans, but definitely swap out the armor for some d3o stuff or the likes for added protection.

I’ve not tried dainese jeans, but I was look if at those pairs too cos I think they look nice and appear to be quite heavy denim too.
My sister has the Nikita jacket, I’d say it fits pretty true to size. I still opt for alpinestars because they seem to be cut best for a woman’s form and always look flattering.
I just bought the alpinestars stella gp plus r leather jacket, I’m very impressed with it so far, it’s stiff but comes with lots of added protection and I’d feel confident that it would sufficiently protect me if I had an off.

Dainese ladies gortex trousers are excellent, wore them to Scotland and they were comfortable across a few thousand miles. However, they are not fully waterproof in a torrential downpour, as I discovered. However quality otherwise is excellent. Triumph also have some good quality jeans, as do sartos Kevlar jeans if you are looking for the draggin style option. I also really liked bmw summer trousers, fully protected with armour, but light and comfortable to wear.

Men seem to have more choice in biking clothes, sadly.

I have the D25s :). The smallest size I could get hold of was the W26, which is a bit big for me and is probably the equivalent of a UK 8 or small 10. Despite what the lovely glossy (lying) catalog shows, they’re actually quite loose fitting in the leg. Other than looking slightly comedic, it does mean that the bottoms can bunch up and pinch when they’re inside boots. The denim is quite thin and I don’t entirely trust them to save my lily white leg skin.

My other kevlars are Draggin Slix. I lurve these! They’re low cut, very tight and stetchy. I find them really comfy, but seriously hot due to the lining. The sizes come up small in this style, so I’d suggest trying one size up from your usual one.

Excellent thanks for your replies guys, i think I’m gonna check out the bull it jeans and see what they’re like. Problem is, i’m not tiny, not overweight, but womanly hips etc and tight italian bike clothes etc just do not fit me! Ha

Bullit all the way. Nice cut and very comfy (so I’ve been told by my better half).


ps. not to mention covec which is far superior to kevlar.

Brill good to hear, just waiting for them to get back to me with a sizing chart, can’t seem to find measurements on the site, unless i’m blind ha

Go to Infinity Holborn or Great Portland, usually they have great selection. You can try sizes and see the cut.


Oh cool thanks, im gonna call and see if they have them in stock, then make the daunting journey into the city on the weekend =( ha

FYI - I went into Infinity on Great Portland Street today and got a pair of Route One Olivia Classic ladies Kevlar jeans, they fit perfectly and are just like normal jeans, not bulky at all.

One happy camper.