Women snowboarders... Advice please

Looking to get the missus a new snowboard instead of her keep using my old WWW 152.

She is a beginner and what’s to play everywhere like me so needs all mountain freestyle board, like my Yes the greats she has brought me for my 30th birthday :smiley:

Any tips on what’s a good board for the mountain as well as a bit of a play in the park? And yes she is learning to ride switch. It needs to be a board that will still perform well as she gets better

Thanking you all very much for any advice…

Any non-entry level board from a decent make be good as long as the size is appropriate (for her weight, many people get too short boards!).
Personally, I’d go for a good last season, all-mountain, board with cool graphics by good make (Ride, Nitro, Rome, Fanatic, … I don’t like Burton for the same reason I don’t like Apple :wink: ). If she’s a beginner, any of those boards will be fine for a couple of seasons at least and after that she may want something more specific as she’s getting better.
I’ve bought a few from Bargain boards (now Absolute-snow: http://www.absolute-snow.co.uk/) and they can have very good deals on last season boards. I’m a big fan of Nitro boards.

Cheers dude, how’s it going? Been a while.

Would you say to go for a female specific board or would you not be bothered? I em ever thought any different of it, was just when we went to France the guy picked up on the fact the board she was using was a blokes board

Not been. Family is keeping me busy. But when you’re around next, let me know in advance and I’ll come out for a ride.

I could be wrong, but as far as I know the only difference with the girls boards is that graphics and that they usually come in smaller sizes. It’s quite important you get the size right for the weight (not height!). Too long board will be too hard to handle, too short and it’ll be slow and sluggish, in particular in the powder.

Deffo will bud, although things are pretty hectic with work and going to get crazier so I have no idea when or if I’ll get chance to bring the bike over before I go travelling :wink:

As for the boards I’ve been doing lots of research, turns out womens boards are thinner at the mounts than a blokes due to women generally having smaller feet

check out the K2 womens boards…my wife has one and its really good and hasnt chipped at all where as my old Burton Custom looked like a dog had been chewing on it!

PS I have the Ride Machete…an awesome board!

I’ve gone and brought her the Gnu b-nice.

I actually have a K2 weapon which she rides, yes I can see what’s coming, at the moment but with the right board she’ll progress better. I ride a salmon grip but am about to add a yes the greats board to my collection… Just need to learn to board :w00t: ha ha