Not even she can change my mind about harleys

Your right about that.

Unless of course she’s the free accessory that comes with every new V-Rod, then I could be tempted?!? :wink:

If she was actually tryin to sell the bike you’d see some of it.
Basically the advertisers were so embarassed they thought “let’s hide the tractor in the shadows and highlight the chick”… its worked as we’re all talking about it…

Still won’t buy a Harley … now a Triumph Norton on the other hand…

Motorcyling is a specialist market (unlike cars) and bikers have a good bullsh1t detector and don’t tend to get swayed by pictures of birds draped over bikes. :slight_smile: . I’ve always thought Harleys look out of place outside the U.S. e.g. I’d feel out of place on a Harley in the same way as I’d feel odd driving around in a cadillac.

However, In their natural environment - e.g. riding across monument valley or something they look superb - that’s where a GSXR looks odd! :slight_smile:

Agreed but she’d certainley make me look at one, or well in its direction anyway, i wouldnt actualy be looking at the bike :smiley:

What bike?