women pleeeeeasee!!!!!


is it not too much to ask?..collor and cuffs and all that?

please…lets get some order about you…

moaney smiled.

filing to do this commando both ways is also acceptable (as long as gravity hasn’t yet took its tow)

Matching underwear?

What is the point if its getting ripped off anyway.

Realistically, what chick is going to have all matching underwear??

If I can make the effort so can the ladies! Whenever i wear my leopard print y-fronts, i always wear my leopard print socks to match!

Its just logical innit?

If no one is gonna see does it matter?

My mum taught me about these things, they always have to match, white knicks, white bra, lacy bra, lacy knicks, it’s hardly rocket science it is!!

You NEVER known when you could end up in A&E all on show you know!

matching or not they all look the same on the bedroom floor

Have to place a vote on the ‘make em match’ side.

Your knickers should match your shoes 'cos your ankles is the best place for them!

OMFG! THAT so reminds me of something that happened to me last year, something I thought i had forgotten about!!


I love it

ehhh-yup!!!..doo share…doo share…

cheeky smiled.

This is a PM moment, Smiled!!..

never will i mention a word hun…

you can trust ol smiley …



here cheers smiled for sending us tht pm was well funny!!!


Cheeky boy!