Women know your limits

was on the way home a few weeks back and saw this (only just uploaded it from my phone)

Title should say Men and Women - as you males are just as bad :wink:

how come the car is there?


the funniest bit, is that is a one way street…

How on earth did they get it up there?!? :w00t:

that’s good target practice! well done that girl! :stuck_out_tongue:

mate still trying to work though out myself as I was stood on the kerb so there is no way she could have hit it at that angle or should would have had to have driven through a house 1st…

Is that whole section of grass raised or is there part of it that slopes down to the road/pavement?

The only thing I can think of is they drove up onto it from somewhere out of the camera view and parked it on the grass, then forgot about it when they tried to drive of and reversed over the edge?!?

Otherwise I’m completely lost as to how much of a run up it would take to get a car to bounce off of the kerb high enough to get up there?!? (which is probably impossible anyway, although I know a young lady in Hertfordshire who drives a silver 4X4 who’d give it a damn good go!! :w00t: )

How the hell did it end up there??? Stupidity i guess :stuck_out_tongue:

Is that wall sloping, not vertical?

Did you actually watch a woman park this car? Or could some joy-riders have deposited it there overnight?

nope the whole thing is raised there is no lower level there.

the wall must be like 95% it is almost veritcal


I saw a similar thing riding into town one morning - there was a mercedes convertible sat on top of a traffic island in the middle of the road outside Olympia, Hammersmith - the car was sitting on the island on it’s chassis - so none of the cars four wheels were touching the ground!

There was a puzzled looking young lady accompanied by a policeman standing on the pavement at the side of the road! :smiley: