Woman swallowed whole by leopard !

Not one for the squeamish!

Woman swallowed whole by leopard

I thought it was one of those fake emails too, until I saw the photo below. Somehow the woman was lodged in the leopard’s throat and they finally ‘cut the leopard’s head off’ to let the woman escape.

She was unharmedUnbelievable!!


Photo follows…may be too frightening for some viewers

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That’s a good look.

hahahahah where can i get one? :stuck_out_tongue:

Ha, do you think the fat comes with the suit? :smiley:


lol just wrong

thats a leo-taNK!!!


Smiled got excited by the first two words in the title of this thread :smiley:

That’s a whole lota woman :w00t:

I was actually expecting to see a real leopard swallowing a women lol damn it , but just at looking at this pic shivers went down my spine thats defiantly put me off eating for the night:w00t:

Ha ha. Excellent!

Just another City fat cat? :slight_smile:

haha very good :w00t:


Haha I was getting ready for a shocker and wasn’t disappointed:D:D:D

:blink: Thats not nice at all. just aswell i wasnt eating … i think i would be wearing it by now if i was :stuck_out_tongue: