Witty poster for cyclists

Am very lucky that the Olympics cycle race comes within 100 yards of my house, and yesterday it was clear that it will be impossible to over police the whole route…so it will be very easy to hold up a poster or two.:smiley:

Was thinking

“Give us our streets back”
“Oi - Cyclists - pay attention to red lights”
“He’s behind you”

Promise to hold up the best one to the Olympians in a years time. Come on people, inspiration required…

Just put up alternative route signs and you could divert a couple of hundred cyclists into someone’s garden or into the river :stuck_out_tongue:

Paint a picture of a red light and say: “Go on, go through it like you did last week”

Like it…

Any others people?

“free drug testing here”

“Cycle Lane Toll-Booth Ahead”