Witnesses wanted

Coming down the Archway Road northbound, there is a left turn. Its a merger road with the A1, where those coming off the A1 have give way lines. Green mondeo pulled out of that give way area straight into the side of the bike. Managed to stay on. I started shouting at him to pull over. He just drove off. I was at the side of the road for a while on the phone to the police. If anyone saw it or him leave the scene, please PM me as nobody stopped and fairing is bloomin expensive. I was riding a black zx10 07 plate. Also anyone know the cameras well around there for me to check with the police?


Wow, bad luck! Hope you find that idiot…

is it nutter season out there again…crikey its getting reall crazy…hope you get him its a minimum 1000 fine for leaving the scene of an accident…likely no insurance…bstard…glad your okay though…

That is awful luck. I can’t help with witness of cameras but wanted to offer my sympathy for having been hit by an idiot! Glad you’re OK.

Guessing you didn’t get his reg?

Unlucky there…Hope you get the bike sorted soon.

Unlucky there, well done staying on the bike though, what speed did he come into you at?

There sure are a bunch of scrats out there - I couldn’t imagine leaving the scene of an accident, even if the person wasn’t hurt…

I hope you get the bastard!

Yeah but the police were like “oh well if you arent hurt there isnt a lot we can do” and Im like ITS A CRIMINAL OFFENCE TO LEAVE THE SCENE OF AN ACCIDENT. Hence looking for cameras.

Prat. Put me in a really bad mood :angry:

Wasnt very fast. I braked you see - he was a doddery old driver too. The kind that really shouldnt be on the road. Checked the plate on the insurance database too - no insurance…now theres a surprise.

That is bloody annoying PPG.

Got knocked off by a red pick-up that decided not to stop at a give way last year. Ended up sliding along the other side of the road and he just drove off. Thankfully I’d scrubbed of most of my speed and was on the brakes when he hit. Something about the way he approached the junction made me wary of him.

Ended up paying for the repairs myself as I didn’t want to hit my no claims.

Porkscratchin suggested making a complaint about a similar incident on another thread, just to get the police to investigate it, can you not do the same here ? All you want really is a few hundred quid from the bloke to repair the bike.

Post his reg no! Can’t go scouring the universe for every old biddy who has themselves a green Mondeo!

What about a new thread- ‘This car is driven by a lunatic…’ with registration numbers of crap drivers. Might even see patterns developing… and then there will be no hiding place for them ha ha haaaaa;)

Gutted for you Gabs:doze:

Glad you are (relatively) oK though:)

hey, glad it’s only plastics that need mending…

cheers guys :wink: Just waiting for a quote back on the new fairing, having scoured ebay and found nada…