witnessed some interesting road rage this morning

i won’t name bikes just to save any embarrassment if they/you are on here…

somewhere in london i’m sitting at some lights and a few bikes pull up. one of the fellas i recognise as someone i regularly see riding well over the speed limit (i’m no angel but there’s levels of appropriateness). lights go amber and off he goes trying to accelerate faster than everyone else. side road up ahead famous for buses pulling out. so he’s going far too fast for the situation and the bus (as some bus drivers just have to do) pulls out on the bike. it’s a 50-50 situation as far as blame goes but then the bus stops to block the road and the 2 have an argument (no impact has taken place).

it was embarrassing to see 2 grown men shouting and swearing at each other like that. made me cringe. there were mock attempts at getting off the bike/out the bus to come and have a punch up which would probably end up being as laughable as their argument. i honestly don’t understand the whole “i’m gonna smash your face in” threats. if you are gonna do it, DO IT! don’t stand there talking about it for 5 minutes! you’ll have the element of surprise on your side for a start!

anyway it backed the traffic up probably having a knock on effect for the rest of the rush hour and the biker who seemed to be getting hysterical rode off angry with probably a day or 2 shaved off his lifespan due to stress! what’s the point? we know what vehicles are likely to ignore us and which aren’t. if i could see it happening so could he but it was the whole ‘it’s my road’ mentality which is a dangerous psychological attitude to employ when you’re on a bike! some people seem to bring things upon themselves, i just hope he has the 3rd person perspective to reflect and realise if he’d have pulled away normally and anticipated the developing hazard it would never have happened. at the end of the day it would’ve been him who’d have lost out had there been an impact, not the (dick head) bus driver.

now watch me get knocked off by a bus driver soon and come on here and moan about it :wink:

i did follow a guy last night on a fireblade that was riding like a cock, making ridiculous attempts at filtering just for the sake of saying “look at me” id much rather do my own thing and get there safely

Just about road users mentality in general…

Again last night I witnessed a car trying to move from lane 2 to lane 1, indicating and moving across appropriatly. There was sufficient space for him to do so, but only just. Now, all the car he was moving in-front of had to do was hold back and let him in, no biggie…

So what does he do… …that’s right, you guessed it. The old guy floors it and promptly slams the door shut, preventing the guy from lane two merging in-front. The result for me is the car merging slams on his breaks endangering me!

Honestly, its not your road mate, be nice and share!