Without wheels *sob sob sob*

Thats it, the deed has been done and I have sold my beloved first bike :crying: She went to another newbie which made me smile but after such an unbelieivably fantastic first year of motorbiking with her it feels like the end of an era :frowning:

Had to get the train from london to norwich in my leathers, with helmet, boots the lot - felt like a total twat :blush: Awwwwww missing her already boo hoo hoo :crying:

Hey! Don’t be sad, at least you still have your nice eyes babe;):D:D:D

Just make sure the Afghan sniper does the biz;):D:D:D

You`ll fell different once your on a new bike.

was it a difficult choice?


thats the sad bit - didnt really want to sell her but as I am off to Australia I cant really take her with me and so we had to go our separate ways.

Pathetic really to get attached to a vehicle, but she was my first bike, we went to italy and back, had my first crash on her, learnt to service her myself and well had become rather fond of the old girl.

when are you going to Australia? and for how long?



Monday week am off to Thailand for 7 weeks and then off to Oz for an indefinite period of time…figured, if i have to be poor, i may as well be poor and on a beach - lol

you r right!!! non ti dimenticare 'Italiano!! ti sei trovata bene in Italia?


It’s alright Alice, you’ll get another one soon, and you will love it just as much. :slight_smile:

You poor love,I’m sure you’ll be back on board soon:D