With Spring Comes.....

It’s been a long, LONG winter here in Kansas…but Spring is FINALLY here and that can only mean ONE thing…mods for the beast!I ordered a full exhaust system (Big Shots) from Vance and Hines, 2 Holley air intakes and a Power Commander 3. I’m going to get the bits installed tomorrow night after work…and then have the bike dyno tuned on Saturday.

More pics to come…





Ah. A man with a decent disposable income.

Am I jealous?

Of course I f****** am!


(Good luck with the mods. I have my own (economy version) lined up for late May.)

Reminds me of my mod splurge this time last year :slight_smile:

Nice kit dude :cool:

I like the bit on the Power Commander box, ‘For Racing Vehicle Use Only’.

What series do cruisers race in then? :w00t:

Oh mammy, loverly boxes them, even better contents inside, enjoy mate!

Very nice!! Enjoy the reward!!


jealous!! i just wish our good weather would hurry

Looking forward to seeing the pics !
Any maybe a vid with sound ?

OK…I spent all day yesterday riding my favorite roads in the southern Flint Hills of Kansas…and spent the day today riding the prairie west of Wichita…about 450 miles over the 2 days…and I can say that the new bits were worth every penny.The bike looks great…runs HARD with a perfect HP and torque curve after the dyno tune…and sounds FANTASTIC.

I’m pleased…Late Edit…I tried to attach a video here:




HD’s really aren’t my thing but that is one seriously good looking bike :slight_smile: Looks good enough to bring indoors during winter and mount on the wall :cool:

If it ever comes to England I bags licking it first.


It’s a Suzuki, mate…a M109-R. :smiley:

Maybe that’s why I like it :blush: :smiley:

Radial brakes and fuel injection, far to modern for a HD. Not really a fan of the cruiser style, but the first thing I thought of was the Honda DN-01, expect yours looks a damn sight better.


I traded my 04 GSX-R750 for this bike…I had the hump for it the very first time I saw it in person…just knew I HAD to have it. To be perfectly honest, I’ve not looked back. Not once. That’s how fun this bike is to ride. LOL

Lovely dude :wink:

Gotta admit a certain soft spot for a cruiser but just not " bit the bullet " yet :cool:

Looking very tidy :cool:

That is one smooth looking bike you’ve got there mate!:wink:

I just watched the video, and the beast’s roar sounds fearsome as well! :w00t:

Keep the shiney side up mate… :smiley:


Love it, looks and sounds awesome!

/me goes to look up flights to Kansas :w00t:

Cheers for the vid, LOVE the sound of that bike !