Wish my gf luck with me for tomorrow

My girlfriend Karen is taking her bike Theory test tomorrow and I want a hand in wishing her the best of luck. Cross all ya fingers and toes for her She passed her cbt a couple of weeks ago and after the theory will be the direct access!

So come on guys and girls give me a hand in wishing her all the best!


best of luck, keep calm and you will sail through

OK, Everything crossed for her, sure she won’t have any probs, just think positivly and stay calm, easy stuff realy.




Best of British GF

Good Luck Stay calm

Good luck Will she be turning up at the Ace once in a blue moon too

She will indeed mate. Intending to get her on the back of me down the ace most fridays too!

Good luck to GF,

If she’s not phased she undoubtedly pass.

Best of British

Good luck with the test to your G/F


Best of luck Karen, though I hope you don’t need luck, you should have learnt it all by now! Look forward to seeing another biker in the summer… Nice one Terry as well for the encouragement.

posative mental attitude…thats all it takes girlfreind…you can do it!!!

best of british …

rubbing me rabbits foot tomorrow for ya…!!!

Cheers guys she has just this second gone in!

Well just had the call and she passed! Top girl! 35/35 for the theory and 52/70 for teh hazard perception. Cheers for your good luck wishes people!

She also said that if anyone wants the theory test book and cds etc for free then they can have them!


Wooooohay. Congrats to her.

well done!!!

Cograts girl

well done…!!! girlfreind…!!!

Nice one