Wish me luck!

Good luck.

Cypher (28/01/2015)

interview will be end of february if get through the application stage :slight_smile:

Thanks everyone for the well wishes :kiss:

Just read this - great job !

Good luck!

everything crossed for ya fella, good luck dizzxx

Good luck and finger crossed

Hope you get it Curtis, you’ve worked hard at it for long enough.

Keep in touch mate :slight_smile:

Good luck Curtis!!

Hey Curtis, best of luck!

Best of luck!

good luck Curtis.

good luck curtis make sure you keep us updated mate

Will do, just finalising my application before the deadline, which is Feb 9th :crazy:

Good luck and congrats on becoming a Paramedic, I used too work @ Northwick Park, so got huge respect for all you guys in the NHS. :slight_smile:

Application is submitted so now just have to play the waiting game…:crazy:

Wooohoooo past the first hurdle. Application has been shortlisted and have been invited to the assessment day which includes riding assessment, clinical patient assessments and highway code test.


Well done, good luck for part two.
Have you got a date yet?

23rd feb! Gonna be a busy long weekend! Have my ACU license assessment on 21/22 as well :w00t:

Oooo I feel your pain! You will get there, it will be worth it in the end.


Well done mate, wishing you the best…

Imagine, best of both worlds for you if you get through…