Wish me luck!

Work have finally opened up applications for motorcycle Paramedics again. Although with great interest and only 3 vacancies it’s going to be tough going!

Good Luck mate

Best of luck being a paramedic let alone on a motorbike is a tough job for anybody expessaly in these trying times

Best of luck !

Good luck.

Thanks :slight_smile: Have been on the road as qualified paramedic for 5 months now but spent the last 3 years in and out of university and on the road experience so its just second nature now lol :hehe:

Good luck, believe they get trained by police ?
High attrition rate on that course, 40-50% but really good fun.

Best of luck. A worthy vocation for sure. :slight_smile:

Mrs wises friend is a vetren paramedic but she has a dirty great 4x4 there not many bike ones in essex

Best of luck dude!

Yep 3 weeks spent in North Wales being trained by their motorcycle police training team if I get through interview/selection stage

Good Luck dude, that training should be a blast!!!

Shame it was not Hendon, as the cone test is harder and more suited to traversing tight traffic situations.
Still three weeks in Wales would be a hoot :smiley:

Good luck :smiley:

Good luck!

Good luck mate!

Best of luck Curtis

Curtis (28/01/2015)

Best of luck! Hope you get to chase your dream!

When’s the interview?

Best of luck fella

Racing the minitwin will help :wink:

Good luck mate.