Wish me luck...

I’ve got an interview tomorrow at 9.30am. It’s for a role within my department but I’m still nervous as being interviewed by two partners. I know them already, however it doesn’t stop the butterflies in the old stomach

Good Luck Dartford, although I don’t think you will need it. It will be a breeze. Go Girl!

Fingers crossed!

Go girl! Perhaps have some Dutch Courage before-hand to settle you?

Good luck!

Good luck girl, you can do it

GOOD LUCK - I am sure you will ace it!!!

Good luck Justine xxxxxx

A walk in the park babe!

massive amounts of luck…and don’t forget to smile!

best of luck firestorm…

Good Luck Girlie

You’ll be fine so, not that you’ll need it, good luck.

You go girl!!!

Good luck Justine

Good luck luv, I’m doing loads of interviews at the moment too.

Advice? Be yourself.


Good luck Justine, show em what ya made of!

Good luck. Take some water in with you and before you answer a question, pause or have adrink so you have thinking time. Always remember what most companies want are what have YOU done to earn the company more/what will promoting or appointing you do to help increase the money they make.

(as I am an unemployed HR manager dont always take what I say as gospel)

It went well and I’ll know by the end of this week as there’s two other candidates. Drinks on me at Cubana next week if I get it!

I was a bit slow here, at Donington yesterday but best of luck with getting the new position at work Justine.