Wish Me Luck

I start my new job in one hour

Hope I still got it :S lol

so then mate - good luck with your new job and enjoy.

break a leg!

wishing you lots of luck

I am replying aftre you had started so heres hoping that you have had good luck.

Good luck fella and enjoy the gee gees (not to be confused with the Bee Gees )

Yeah … best of luck!

Best wishes for the new job, hope it went/is going well for you.

Hope you had a good start, Kevin!

Damn I’ve landed myself a good job, really nice colleges and the work isn’t too bad as its slightly intresting

Thanks guys

Good to hear Kev. U out tomorrow?

Mmmmmm, I remember that feeling from all my previous work places.

Why was I so desperate to leave after a while then?

Evening just signed in,so just thought i’d say hope all went well with your new job!

Ahhhh its the same with any job

Will be out tomorrow night Sam

Hope it all went well for the first day mate


Glad all went well, as I am nosey what is it that you are doing in your new joB?