wish I was young again......

Maybe it’s still out there somewhere, (my youth that is) the search continues!

Hi to all at LB, may the sun shine on you.

and to think I nearly took my bike off the road through poverty, must have travelled one too many motorways lately! Time to get twisting and turning to avoid those straight and narrow sort of thoughts.

Bordeaux or Barcelona, spoilt for choice.




hiya and welcome to LB

hope to see you at a meet soon

Welcome to LB!!

yes I’ll be along but alas not this week, places to go etc etc

Borough market must be the best place to meet in town.


Hi and welcome aboard.


Welcome to LB!!

yours is probably out there partying with mine.

Ohh welcome to LB

Very nice, welcome aboard! Did I see you on North End Road today?


well yes, could be like Pullmans Dark materials, somewhere there is another world where all our youth stays young and has a ball!

I am determined to keep looking, trouble is that as life goes on it seems the further and further you need to look, either distance or emotionally.

The other night for instance. Starry sky, fine french food, beautiful woman, good wine, what was I thinking about?

Should I do that oil change now!

I mean, it’s a sad example of something very troubling isn’t it.

Only good thing is that I’ve ditched the TV long ago, otherwise I’d be glued to that instead and never even making it out the house!

At least I do get the options, even if I goof it up.



bikehill 2.jpg

North end Road, now there’s a romantic place.

As it happens I was up a tree that day, and it was no where on North End Road.