Wise's new ride

My Triumph got a little sick on Thursday so I phoned up BMW Friday Morning to see if they could get my new bike ready for collection on Saturday , not only they they get it ready, it was ready for collection on Friday @ 4pm which was just Intime for it to pissdown

here it is & just look at the handsome stud muffin holding on to it

I’m please with how the bike handles & the engine is seamlessly smooth not bad considering it only had 4 miles on it , but & its a big but
why the F**k does a bike need hill start & is it a competition for bike manufactures to see how many buttons & twisty turny things they can get on the handle bars , why not a simple touch screen or just get rid of all the crap its not a Xbox ffs


Looks nice :+1:
Hill Start - I find it useful when touring in mountainous areas. Not so in Essex and London though.
Buttons instead of touch screen - because you don’t have to take your hands off the bars.

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and most gloves are not touchscreen compatible

It’s the same on the s1000rr, buttons galore. I cannot count number of times I have blasted the horn or given someone high beam while trying to do something completely unrelated. But you get accustomed to it bit by bit.

But cannot fault the hill start I love that thing and use it all the time. Not to hill start but when at traffic lights quite often its a slight decline and on older bikes I had to keep on one of the breaks. With hill start I can get both feet on the ground and get a good nice stretch.

Also I am assuming you have the full TFT display on it. You gonna love it. Sat nav, music control, tyre pressure gauge the works. For me it just makes the ride a little more pleasant than just a digital display and a mounted mobile to faf about with.

If a decades old zumo 660 would work with any glove, surely they’ve worked out a way to make the touchscreen compatible with gloves?


Wanna see the Police/ambo spec bikes, has all the usual excessive BMW buttons then all the buttons for the sirens & lights :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::roll_eyes:


has full TFT Display , has pratnav , phone & music
the problem being i cant get the tomtom pratnav i use , the phone , & the bike all to work with the sena helmet thingy
the inbuilt bike pratnav is basic , ill stick with the tomtom

it will take me time to adjust to all the new technology, i wont get on with the hill start ever , I don’t have any worthwhile feeling in left hand so i cant feel the bite point I use the engine and my feet to guess the bike is pulling away & it doesn’t help the new bike has a really light clutch so I’m having to adjust to the new clutch

Yeah I had the same problem with and it took some fiddling around to figure it out. I use TomTom, phone and Cardo Freecom 4 plus.

So the trick is you connect:

Phone to Bike
InterCom to Bike
InterCom to SatNav.

If you try to also connect your intercom to you phone as you usually do it creates some sort of loop nonsense and just doesn’t work. The downside is you loose the ability to control your phone (calls and music) from the intercom but that is okish as it can now all be done from the bike.

So either you use the controls on the bike or go the usual route of intercom to phone, intercom to satnav and not use anything on the bike.

Ive deleted all the connections and will try again tomorrow
I need to connect the phone to the pratnav for live updates
If I get any issues I’ll connect the company phone to the pratnav for live updates and connect my phone to the bike

Agree that a lot of the tech is utter nonsense and of course we pay for it cos the manufacturers don’t put it on for free.

Bike looks lovely. Funny how the colour scheme works - the white based KTM doesn’t make we warm and fuzzy bit that looks wkd :slight_smile:

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it was pay extra for the M pack or have a red or Audi grey bike & that wasn’t going to happen, the 2022 model BMW have decided to change the M colour scheme still white , blue & red but faded looks like to stole the idea from a 90’s shell suit

LoL, Stud Muffin. Is that the new bike’s pet name or yours? :rofl: