Wiring - need a gooden!

Hi Guys,

I am in need for some wiring to be corrected on my R1 - I am really looking for a garage that can do an absolute solid job. as you guys know electrics can be a pain and i need to ensure someone competent is doing the job.

in addition to the wiring to correct my headlight and indicator flicker mentioed above (DIY job, i think one of the connectors have failed) i would also like a HID kit installed on the bike.

can you guys give me your recommendation for a good garage and explain your experience.

many thanks :slight_smile:
PS - I am based in london.

This is the only bloke you will need and the only bloke i will ever us on anything electrical on a motorbike.

Steve: 07870280288, he is based in south norwood, i think, that area ish anyway, lol.

thanks bro - can you give me some info on him and your experience - is he a one man band or does he have a garage?

1 man band m8 always has been.

i have used him a lot from full rewire on a chop i built to tidying up the wiring behind headlight when fitted small headlights, lol.

Has done loads of show bikes rewire etc that have been in mgazines.

give him a call say John, bermondsey gave ya number, speak with him see wot he has to say and go by that m8.

He wont bullshit ya, if he cant do job he will say so etc.