Wireless headset for the bike?

Ok so i have now finally got my Zumo 660 for the bike and am now looking at a wireless headset so i can listen to the directions from the Nav and also music along with taking phone calls. Ideally i would like something that has the least amount of cables so bluetooth would be preferable. I am looking at a Scala Rider Solo at the mo but are there any others i should be aware of?


i started out with the scala rider as i thought the wireless ness would be great. it was fine in town and below 50ish but above that, and on motorways it was useless, especially with earplugs.

fitted an autocom system and its great, clear as a bell at well over 100, works great with your phone through the zumo etc. i got a coiled cable which plugs in up where the fairing opens up for the bars.

there is a new scala rider i think… q4 or something, but its pretty pricey.

autocom gets the vote for me, also has capabilities to link up with radios so you can shout at other riders who happen to be on the same channel :wink:

I use Autocom too but if you ask on the forum’s here they should be able to point you to the best options for wireless.