Wireless CCTV Inc Nightvision - Any Recommendations?

Hello - anyone here got some kind of wireless cctv hooked up to there Pc at all? My bike & car are parked right outside my kitchen window on the drive & I want to get a small camera hooked up to some motion capture software incase the worse happens, might not stop anything but I’d be able to see who & how they did it.

I’ve got a 250gb HD so all I really need is a camera and some software really - is there anything out there available? Seen those tiny wireless cameras on ebay but not sure if they do nightvision.


I have a nightvision camera linked to my computer and the motion detection is done on the pc rather than any sensors outside. it works pretty well but the pc needs to be on all the time.

i used paktek in essex. give them a search on the net, good prices and good advice. if you want a cheaper option get their advice and then buy components from Hong Kong on ebay. I know that’s where paktek is supplied from at a considerable mark up! i only found out after.

i first used mine as a baby monitor then it was mega useful for the garage.

hope this helps. (my daughter insisted i add the green one sorry!)

scumabags dont care about cctv… and do you realy want to see your bike being stolen after its gone?

Spend the cash on almax chains, ground achors, dogs, land mines…

or a steel shed

Cheers I’ll look em up - Adz I am fitting a ground anchor with an Almax too, not taking any chances!