It’s officially here (because I wished I’d worn my winter gloves this morning, and that’s the rules), so it’s probably time to:

  • Actually properly clean the bike and ACF50 it
  • Dig out a buff that you’ve not seen since February
  • Dribble some lube in your ignition, fuel cap and under-seat lock barrels
  • Buy some grit
  • Make sure your coolant’s actually got anti-freeze in it
  • Buy some muffs, heated grips or heated gloves, or at least wonder about doing that.

and, er, whatever else I’ve forgotten. Suggestions?

On that note… I was wondering if you guys bother cleaning the bike much in winter? Mine needs definitely a clean up, but knowing that there will be a chance of rain every 2 or 3 days… it kind of discourages me.

How often do you guys clean your bikes? Should I do it even more often once they start laying salt on the roads?


Add these to your list:-
Stock up on Lidl/Aldi base layers.Stash a mini tin of WD40 under seat for emergency ignition defrosting.Replace any tyres approaching limit - need all the grip you can get over winter, stuff eeking out the last 1000 miles from them.Refresh/wash all your gear with Nikwax or similar waterproofing type stuff. Stash some rags and cleaner on bike or at work for cleaning visor on daily basis.

Other stuff I’ve not done yet but planning/thinking about:
Fitting a fender extender to front mudguard. Sticking yellow film over headlights to try and stand out when filtering in the sea of bright blueish headlights.

  • Make list of things to prepare
  • order things from Internet
  • wait until the weekend to do said things
  • too cold, leave things until next weekend
  • repeat until April
  • bike was fine anyway :slight_smile:

Yeah, I’ve already sacked off my list, except to wonder if I ever replaced the tap water in the CX with anti-freeze…

Iced-up ignitions are a bloody pain, though. But I’ve keyless ignition now :slight_smile: Also, somewhat handily and potentially very warmingly, petrol has the effect of loosening up frozen fuel cap locks (presumably at the expense of whatever lube was still in there).

I just keep layering on the ACF50 until it’s warm enough to get the hose out again. I’ve no idea if it helps the engine, but I enjoy the purple haze.

  1. renew train ticket

make plans write them down loose the paper wait for summer

I’m using the paper lists inside my jacket to keep warm :slight_smile:

oh yes

My winter procedure is to go and check it’s still there every now and then, maybe fire it up once in a while and then get back in the Volvo.

That’s what Pin does!

Wear so many layers you can’t move and a yellow pinlock so it appears sunny all the time.

winter doesnt bother me as the sun’s shining out my arse :smiley:

The dark nights are when the farmers can leave huge trails of sh**e for half-a-mile along the road and make zero flippin’ effort to clear it up because they think it’s gone unnoticed :angry: Fortunately I was in the car last night but even then, I wasn’t far from losing it. A couple of others weren’t so lucky I was told this morning. On the bike I’d have definitely had a big off:exclamation:.

My checklist:

  1. Do not put ACF50 on the wheels.
  2. Do not put ACF50 on the wheels.
  3. Do not put ACF50 on the wheels.

Lesson learned last winter :smiley:

P.S. Thanks again to Scorch for concealing the scratches on the tank.