winter tyres?

Am looking to replace my ‘squared off’ dunlops (dunslips?) on my zxr 750 h1.
I do 100miles per day commuting to work and mostly on dual carriageway.
I’ve heard different opinions on most tyres from cheaper maxxis tyres to metzlers…now really confused now…

any opinions greatfully received…

type tyres in the search and you will get many many many many opinions :smiley:

i can recommend pilot road 2’s but there not cheap…

Avon Storms have had good write ups. I’m on Maxxis which cost £150 fitted and they are as good as the Bridgestone 020’s I had before.

Not so much a case of winter tyres, but winter style of riding. Smooth and steady.

on my old SV6 i had pilot powers all year round with no problems…

on my SV1000 i have Pilot Road 2ct’s…they do feel alot better in wet and greasy conditions, i would’nt want the extra power of a thou on pilot powers in winter!

cant go wormg with michelins…outstanding tyres!

last winter had the bridgstones bt20s and am about to replace my bt21 tomorrow

I’ve had BT020’s which I loved…

I’ve had BT021’s which I hated… very uneven wear on the front and only last 5000 miles!!!

I’ve now got Avon Storms and love 'em… :smiley:

The storms are very good in the wet… but as always, tyre choice is a matter of personal preference

Another vote for Michelin… Pilot Road 2s for the use you’re describing… best tyres I ever had

just went to FWR and changed the rear tyre… put on the Bt021 again… if it aint broken and all that…

just noticed that it says BT021 R though… :ermm: dont remember seeing an R on the old one…

do you think itll make me faste R ?? :hehe:

just went to FWR today , fitted a pair of Avon Storms. …early day yet but so far very solid tyres.

not cheap at £180 fitted and balanced

thanks for opinions,…
sorry if this is th 1 millionth thread on tyres,…:smiley:

just had a set of dunloup road smarts and at just under £200 fitted they are getting some good reveiws and are working well on the gsxr thou in this crap weather we are having

You shouldn’t use the solid ones, pneumatic tyres work much better!

… Now, where did I put my coat?! :slight_smile:

i used dunlope road smart on a fazer 1000 ,double compoud,warm up quick,good in the wet,a lot off grip on the sides very good so good i may put them on my r1 when the 014 s have worn.

this is a bt 014 on my r1


Haven’t been on the track with those per chance, have we??!! :wink:

no just a couple roundabouts at silverstone. im the fat one in red


Pilot road 2’s great feedback even on greasy/wet roads !!!

BT021’ s would be the job i reckon.

I don’t like BT021s personally - the front wear strangely and affect the handling.Grip is good, though, and I managed 4500 miles out of the rear.