Winter pick me up: 2009 R1 VS Fireblade in S.France

What a difference a year makes eh:w00t:

Grunt rules!

did you notice how small the blade was when they pulled away

The engineers that design these bikes are f*cking wizards! Amazing how they manage to keep raising the bar, year after year. :cool:

In this months Bike magazine they rate the R1 well below the ZX10, GSXR1000, Fireblade and the S1000R. They also note it makes less power than any of them.

Just goes to show you can never trust a journalist . . . all depends who’s threatening to spend some advertising budget :frowning:

Bike have never got on with the 09 R1 and pretty much only MCN out of most UK and US press reviews rated the R1 top last year.