Winter is really bad for some folks in here...

… sad to say, but I’ve noticed there are a lot of folk that really take the bait in here and get knicker twisted for no reason.

If someone’s annoying, why don’t you just stop reading their posts, DON’T succumb to the petty urge to argue with them, get on your bike and go ride?

its like those whining losers that complain about TV… if you don’t like what you’re seeing turn the telly off… same applies to a forum…

Well said Toby, now **** off and die.:smiley:

Is it just me or did everyone go crazy today? On the way home from work I’ve seen ten times the number of irritated people (I work next to Holborn so it’s super crowded) than usual. Everybody looked extra angry, pushing and cursing at people… Is it the weather?

you live in London, you do know that right… irritated is the status quo, Furious is a step up, swearing and frothing is probably what everyone here is aiming for.

Jetstream…slurp the horrible sweaty rollie cheesy stuff from between my toes! :slight_smile:

Yeah I’m used to it, especially around 6pm it’s crazy, you can’t even cross the street next to Holborn station between the lights. But today was extra special, I felt like new round of riots is coming :unsure:

Well thank you Toby, that’s better than the usual stuff you pay us for:D

They get annoyed because they can’t go on the bike because of winter (or whatever it is) and that’s what you got on the forum.


ps. on the other hand I’m just horrible person so winter have nothing to do with it.

Spring will be here soon Tobi - everyone will be happy again :slight_smile: Though it always make me laugh when seeing how self important and in a hurry suited and booted Londoners are - I love strolling off the train at Waterloo getting banged into to Mr Important off to his office…If it’s so frigging important - get an earlier train you numpty :smiley:

Personally I’ve been a right irritable f*gger for a little while. Had 1 weeks holiday in 6 months - which is not sensible when working in a place like Lagos. Off in a weeks time though so counting down the days :slight_smile:

Nick are you coming over to london for the holidays?

i’m very frustrated about the weather, havent had a proper ride in months! :smiley:

Fraid not, Have booked a trip to Cape Town for a week, then the second week I have hired a motorbike to ride the garden route :smiley: England is too cold for me :stuck_out_tongue:

Might have to post some pics up.

Can’t understand it. I’ve ridden 250 miles already this week and I’m still a miserable bastard. :slight_smile:


Some people are just that way inclined :stuck_out_tongue:

you may have been out…but have you been out out? :smiley: