Winter is coming.

I wouldn’t consider myself ‘fair weather.’ I ride in the pi$$ing rain. But I’ve never rode in the snow (may be fair weather rider to some). To be fair I’ve never needed to. This winter I may have to for commuting reasons. I use pilot road 2s at the moment.

Any advice about riding in snow or what tyres/adjustments that should be made to my bike would be appreciated.

Many thanks

Don’t would be my advice. Fresh snow is ok to ride in, but when it ices up is when it’s difficult. Plus you’ve got the other dickheads on the road that haven’t got a clue on how to control their vehicles on slippery roads.

What nivag said…

Even if it’s only started to snow all you need is a bit of water to have frozen on London bridge and before you know it your rear wheel is sliding after tapping the rear brake… a lot of fun if you can stay upright, not so much if not.

Snow and ice is a dangerous pain, though another thing to watch is road salt can destroy your bike if you don’t wash it off within minutes of riding. I was amazed how much one trip in ‘dry’ last winter with some road salt/spray in the air got to my new bike. All Year Biker / ACF50 didn’t do much against salt. In the end, it just may not be worth riding in snow/ice/salt unless you really have to.

i dont know what you guys are talking about, it was 25 degrees today :smiley:

+2 to what nivag said.

silveR6 - Alba, we measure the temperature outside, in the shade, in centigrade in this country. Not from your lounge, watching tv, with a cup of cocoa and a dog in your lap.

i was out riding Martin. thank you very much :smiley:

You’re almost welcome :slight_smile:

I can confirm there was a silverR6 on the roads yesterday. Did you not hear the swearing Martin?:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I was out yesterday too

You’re lucky. You missed having to come and push the old lady out of the garage :smiley:

Winter is here!! it was chilly this morning on the bike… buying heated grips in 3,2,1…

Don’t be so harsh on yourself Alba…your not that old.

^^ lol :smiley:

Hang on, why are you two picking on Alba? Alba is the only person on here that scares me :frowning: And fighting is my living.

stop saying i scare you Martin or i will hit you next time i see you.


Can we book a ticket to see this??

As for riding in snow…
Get an off road bike preferably a trials bike that weighs under 120 KG and enjoy.

Or a 2016 BMW 1200 GS Adventure because the Adventure model was used by Ewan McGregor and can go anywhere, especially if you combine it with a BMW Adventure Suit because Ewan McGregor had one of them and he went everywhere and is a movie star and I could be too but I just choose not to be but I still could if I wanted that’s why I always have my metal panniers fitted just in case I decide to go around the world via the North Pole because I have the ‘Snow Pack’ as an optional extra which is extra powerful fog lights that can melt snow and also eyes.

Martin you forgot to mention the fact that Ewan is a Jedi knight so can do anything he wants to