Winter Hibernation

Hey guys, just a quick questino as I’m gonna leave the country for a couple months or so and leave my bike in a garage,

should I take any hibernation-related actions?

leave the petrol tank full to avoid rust?
disconnect the battery?
anything else?

if it’s carbed, drain the carbs.
put a bit of carpet under the tyres

cool thanks alot, will do !

really appreciate the speedy response, have a good evening

I wouldn’t bother doing anything for that amount of time. :slight_smile:

lube chain too so its coated stops it rusting in patches too - if you disconnect battery remove it and take it indoors as it will deteriorate still if left in damp garage.

The Amercians call it “winterizing” !

is it alarmed up etc?

just wondering if you disconnect battery and bike gets nicked may not be covered on insurance as alarm is not operable.

can you attach an optimate?

lifitng wheels off ground is a tip too, with centre stand and paddock stand.