Winter Hack

Hi all

Last winter I was still on my 125, so wasn’t too worried about riding through the salt and everything on the roads.

However, this year I’m not too keen on riding the Zed through the winter (I’ll be riding in every day, unless it’s icy/snowy), so wondered if anyone had any suggestions on a winter hack.

I don’t want anything too pricey - probably a grand tops, but less if possible - just something that will get me from Harrow to Park Royal without too much both, and without me looking like a plonker (so a tiddly little CG125 would look a bit silly as I’m 6’2").

Any ideas?


Folks will get bored with me but get a DRZ. Bomb proof (unless you let Foxy ride it!!!)Lol Foxy.

ER5 would do the job nicely.

Nice advise from Chuffster and I would suggest getting an ex riding school one as they’ll come with drop bars.

ehr my mate still has his er5 for sale - why cos he is a lazy git who dont want to advertise it!

hey mate try claire at elite, i bought a ex training deauville from them, they have a few cb500`s coming up for sale i believe.

CB500 - a hoot of a bike and excellent winter ride!

I’m doing the same thing so I don’t have to use the Zed through winter again. I’m in the process of getting an old CBR1000F…Absolutely bombproof them old motors!

Im 6’3 and I look a plonker on my CG125 but its 1000 times better than a train!