Winter hack what do you use

I have been looking for a winter hack and have spotted a real crap bike for £900 but its brand new its some laim ass off road bike but for £900 quid can ot go that wrong its called a urban dz they do a 200cc one and a 125 have a look on here its 7 down ???

This is my commuter right now, until the DRZ is back on the road. It’s a very fun and easy bike to ride, once you get past the fact it’s so old and not much works on it, like indicators and brakes. Humility is very much required to get on this thing! Hehehe… But it goes for a couple of weeks on a tank of petrol and always starts without fuss. The two-stroke smell is warming as well

Cheap hacks are good fun!

I had a faired hornet until this summer and commuted to the City on it all last winter. Not a ‘winter hack’ admittedly but it started on the button even on the coldest of mornings! pretty cheap to run and service too. Justine

Hmm, I wonder if the “choice colours” would include pink…

I am just planning to use my K5 Gixxer-6… guess it may not be too pretty come summer 2006 ! I just seem to use whatever bike I have the time, last winter was a 2001 R6… maybe I should consider some sort of hack, could be a plan.

Not having any other method of transport (other than tube/bus!) I always just used whatever bike I owned at the time (normally an R6). I rode to work and back the last on an '03 R6 when the roads were all iced up and didn’t have much of a problem, other than having to take it really slowly.

I was toying with the idea of buying a ‘winter hack’ when I had the R1 and that is now my plan for the KTM. I’ll ride it through the winter and, come the spring, I’ll be buying a new R1, but will keep the KTM for commuting, rainy days etc. The R1 will be kept well away from prying eyes to be brought out at weekends etc.

Finally come to your senses eh???

For £900, go for a cb400 or a bandit 400.

That Urban DZ looks pretty good for a Winter hack.

Jay, those RXSs are great little bikes … my mate used to have one years ago … great fun!

I might re-insure my old GPX750 for the Winter. The ZX is a bit too nice to expose to our salted roads!

good old rxs 100 did my bike test on one of them many years ago !

all it needs now is a micron and flat bars…

I’m sure I’ve got some Renthals out back…

… Boysen reeds & bigger jets to optimise the Micron system?

bend the reed stops back, k&n filter…ah those were the days!!

you can get a cheap chinese bike brand new and delivered (often they are copies of Yamaha/Suzuki Bikes) for around £600…

Cheack Ebay…

What do I use? Ford focus ghia estate 1.8

Heated grips, full climate control and 6 CD player!

Even got a tow bar for the race bikes!

That’s cheating, Pete, and boring

Good stuff I found one a TZR250 for £300 its tax and mot are till march next year low miles too

BUT… my insurance company will not add a bike un less its at the start so I might get a 6 month policy if I can

do any off you guys know where I can get one

fab bike…even if its knackered quite easy to work on and parts not stupid£…make sure not nicked though(check numbers carefully)…doesnt matter if it was raced, should be set up. Surprisingly quick and handles superbly.

ps… even if you buy it and dont like it, let me know, for that money I’ll store it then trackday it!!

Well the funny thing is he is a mate of mine and I sold him my rs125 last year when I got my thundercat.

for £300 its a steal its a bit tired but nothing I cant sort the insurance is only £132 for a year on a seperate policy so I will insure it till the weather gets better then start using the firestorm again

Happy days I can now put my storm in the garage and use it for nice days and use mr tzr on the rainy days and not worry to much about the back end stepping out like it did this morning

good result…lucky sod!!

honestly if you want to get rid of it next year let me know…soft spot for them an’ all that!