Winter Gloves

I know this has been covered many times but there must be some new products out for this winter

After a week of freezing fingertips i need to get new winter gloves

i have tried using thermal inner gloves but at 5.30am they just dont cut it, (dont want to go for heated grips)

i would like to know what gloves everyone else uses and are they any good?:wink:

I have a pair of Weise lobster claw gloves for winter, very warm, keeps your hands dry but look odd at first.

Recently bought some Richa gloves from Rex Judd for about £45.

They have an inner glove which fits perfectly.

The main glove is part leather, part textile and so far they have done the job (water and windproof) very well, but the most important thing I find with keeping your hands (or anything) warm is that if they aren’t warm in the first place, they certainly aren’t going to get hotter! :wink:

Put a warm hand into a winter glove and it will stay warm for much longer.
But I don’t just mean rubbing your hands warm, I talking about whole body/ raised core temperature warm.

gotta look for some winter gloves myself, do you lose much “feel” with those lobster claw ones john ? or has anyone tried heated gloves ?

I bought a pair of “Racer Pluvio” gloves from infinity about 5 weeks ago…

They were NOT cheap coming in at £99, but I ride for about 25 miles each way on my commute and they’ve been perfect for what I’ve been doing…

I’ve used them to ride down to southampton and up into lincolnshire and they were fine, my hands by the end of those rides were starting to cool down, but on my normal commute they are lovely, lots of feeling, and toasty warm!

As I said, not cheap, but I had a pair of Frank Thomas gloves last april and they lasted about 6 weeks before they stank so bad that i just binned them… I think the key thing in the gloves is Goretex, from a waterproofing and breathability perspective…

The Rukka mars were decent too, at the same price…

I recently picked up a pair of IXS Narvik at J&S - £65 I think. Excellent warmth without inners so far and waterproof Gore-Tex liner so well impressed for the price. I love Hein Gericke kit but have never liked their gloves, my bro Beemerman swears by their lobster-claw Pathans, but then his Elderly Gentleman’s Touring Conveyance (BMW R850) has heated grips which would be your other option.

heated grips on a gixxer???

not sure about that;)

No dont put heated grips on a gixer lol

Sparda Force 11, served me well in all conditions.

What made you choose Racer over Rukka?

I have been experimenting with inner gloves to try to improve my Held ‘freezer’ gloves. They were sold to me as the warmest you can buy but they’re not working on their own in this weather.

I’ve been judging things by the amount of time I can ride before my hands get uncomfortably cold (i.e. fingers numb). Sub 5 degrees the Helds on their own stay warm for about 10 minutes. I bought some silk inners and it improved things slightly but still too cold for me- they stay warm for about 20 minutes. So then I (sadly) bought some thin gardening gloves- the ones with plastic fingers- as a third layer! Tried the combo this morning and slightly better (I think the gardening gloves reduce the windchill) with the warmth lasting about half an hour but still too cold by the time I get to work after an hours riding.

Tempted to ditch the lot and try the Pathan lobster gloves but concerned cos I can’t do the Vulcan greeting…

l.i.m try wearing surgeons gloves inside…

Big thumbs up for:

  • lobster claws (great for keeping warm, but I personally don’t like the feeling of wearing them)

  • heated grips (why would anyone planning to ride in Winter, Spring, or Autumn NOT have them)

  • Halvarssons winter gloves (and they’re decently priced as well)

Which Halvarssons? I’ve got some Dry Level and my fingers get bloody cold. Dry as a bone though. Is that the glove you’re talking about?

i have bought the richa’s mentioned above and arrived at work today with nice and warm fingers so can recomend them to anyone

so the heated grips can sod off this winter:P

jetstream i know you must clock up some miles but thats taking the p#ss:D:D:D

I’ve got a cheap pair of Spada gloves I picked up for about £30 when my HELD pair got flooded on a ride to Southend.

They hold off the cold for about 5 minutes on their ownand I use a pair of thin wolly gloves on the inside which extends that to about 15 minutes. they’re completely waterproof and hold off the wind quite well.

The main things i’ve found to factor into cold hands are, !. having cold hands to start with, I always unlock my bike wearing gloves now. 2. windchill and 3. having other cold body parts, if opne area of your body is getting cold, all that cold blood is circulating to the other areas and making them cold as well.

The winter ones with Outlast. That might be the name. They’ve worked well for me (now in their 2nd winter) on 2hr blasts on the motorway, as well as short rides around town.

(Maybe I’ve got warm hands. I’m wearing summer gloves and heated grips now, but I don’t think I can take many more days of it if it stays this cold)

What is the name of these particular Richas please? If you are saying they keep hands 100% warm I’ll be getting a pair.

Benelli Boy (02/12/2008)

Blimey - you must have warm hands. I am riding with thick winter gloves and heated grips and the ends of my fingers are still bl**dy cold!