Winter Gixer Project

Yeh I know it’s a about time :slight_smile:

Got me new shed up (Thanx Tug & Ben :slight_smile:

Went to fighterama brought some lurvly bits for it :smiley:

Going to change the seat unit, subframe, yokes, headlight, bars, master cylinders, f/mudguard, can, f/calipers, have some one off bits made, polishing and a paint job.

I’ll post up some pic’s as it progresses :slight_smile:

As it was before I ripped it apart

Did you run out of paint?:wink:

what winter:)

Do you need a hand? :stuck_out_tongue:

Sling Shot then?:wink:

I reckon the R1 tail looks the biz.:wink:

I do to J, but I want to change it, there’s to many fighters about with em. Gonna give it to Tug for his ongoing 9yr project :smiley:

I brought one @ fighterama, just waiting for it to come :slight_smile:

What kind of rear is it? One of those short stubby ones?

I was gona go for one of them and there was so much choice over there. But I finished up getting one that I never saw on any of the bikes out there cause they only just brought it out. hopefully I’ll have the only one over here for a while. I’ll post a pick up once it arrives :slight_smile:

oooppsy me I sounded like Bl*de there, wot I ment to say was no :hehe:

awww, I miss that bike :slight_smile:

***k off…we know what u meant !!:wink: Are you trying to say im a typical blonde essex burd who cant stop chatting about nothing all day long, with nothing better to do and talk about but utter shite and rubbish, just cos she can, or who just likes to show off cos she can type faster than you can fart, so she can let her gob get away with her and carry on regardless of the fact that no one gives a toss cos shes forgotten what it was she was talking about in the first place, cos yeh but no but yeh but no but ??? (all said in one breath without pausing?)…phew…:w00t:Oh yeh, all i was gonna say was…love your avitar…i wannit!!!

See what I mean :hehe:You can have me avitar, but wot you got to swop for it ? :DAnyways wot you doin in the Fighter section ?

Fighting…!!! :wink:

ive got a pic of his new back end (seat unit tug!)

but i cant post it over fear of death will post up fighterama pics soon but its got to wait a week getting ready

for nec show sf want it on the stand :cool:

terry got the paint job happening for nothing!!! as long as i mention the company on my sf feature result or what!!!

so bike in pieces no paint 7 days to go before show im pannicking:ermm:

Can you post it in a PM, I’m intrigued. You can trust me - honor amongst fighter builders and all that.

Honour…wot honour :laugh: Please explain the honour fing to Spart cause he’s the #1 idea thief :smiley:

I’ll send it over to you Tel once he’s sent me the pic’s :wink:

And wait till ya see me new yokes, there real horney :smiley:

I’m coiled like a spring in anticipation. Who done your yokes?

Mike from full metal ornament just made up a couple of sets for a friend working on a speed triple and a daytona. Massively wide risers to accomodate a split drag bar.

Got them @ Fighterama, they got no pinch bolts :w00t: new type of design :slight_smile:

Had a chat with Will Jobbins (ark @ me the name dropper) whilst over there, mentioned the quailty of Fighters on here, said he’d have a look :cool:

Good stuff - while we are name droppin’ ‘Justin Driver’ (he’s only the advertising guy) came round to the workshop to discuss an ad.

So how do these yokes work with no pinch bolts?

Justin Driver ? your making that up :hehe:

The best way I can discribe the yokes, is that they work simular to a olive on a pipe, bit of engineerings gone into em :slight_smile: