Winning that R1 :w00t:

The fella that won the R1

I attended the Woodford M/C’s 2009 R1 launch last night. The office phone rang, hush was called… “Is there a Mr (I cant remember his name) here? Its Yamaha UK on the phone….you won the R1!!!

It turns out the this chap is down in London from Chester cause its his and his Grand Daughters birthday today! The Yamaha gig was that you enter a competition and have to be at Yamaha showroom of your choice. Well they got that sh1t right booking him in down here!:cool:

What a lucky fella!

Was there too. Thought it might be my luck night. Stopped in at the pub on the way to the shop for a quick beer. Handed the barman a tenner for a seriously overpirced beverage and got the tenner back with small change :smiley:

Oh well. The bloke that won the bike was also the father in law of a bloke that had already bought the graphite one with the Akrapovik pipes that was on show. How lucky and coincidental is that.

oh good :wink: I was beginning to wonder if it was all a big scam :wink: Glad someone won it :wink:

I was waiting down in Lamaba Motorcycles for my R1 but sadly I did not win… I would have sold that piece of junk anyway! :hehe: