LB Member Spart 666 won 1st prize in best Streetfighter competition at the Ace Cafe today. Just like to say well done mate. 1st FOR LB! Tug

Well done

congrates dude

this post is useless without pics

and? are we meant to be impressed?

Well done Spart, saw your bike today not surprised you won very nice indeed

Yeah saw it, positively good show, lol.

Wot i like too was no fancy paint job just black, some good bikes there too.
well done m8.

Judging by the project write-up it’s well deserved - even if it’s got orange wheels

Well done Spart

Top job

look on the streetfighters sunday on lb galleries …

what do you know ,you ride a tiger

well done

<img src=“” />

Well deserved !!..those bikes were quality…same as the company I kept. Good to see some of the old skool lb faces …great day…I like the bike Gina …very nice !!

well done mate

Think it was a fiddle myself, the fact that one of the prizes he won was a orange & black leather jacket, I’m sure they wanted a bike to match it

Na nice one Spart, the bikes looking sweet

cheers all il knock up some pics of the ace do

as for mr terrygimpmoto i did offer it to tug but it dident fit:

weldone. very nice

He did try to squeeze his bulk into it though

Think there’s a pic floating about somewhere

i will take the jacket! worth slimming for lol

Well done dude, well deserved.