I just have to say, whoever is responsible for inventing wine deserves a medal :D:D:D

I’m thinking the same about the casting directors for the Bond films.

He/She has excellent taste. :w00t:

Have you spotted me in those films yet…I am there, you just have to look very closely!!! :hehe:

Really which one. I started a marathon thanks to kelvin (kml_uk), already upto Golden Eye.

Wine was probably discovered rather than invented.

^^^ That’s funny!!! :smiley:

An old one, but still true:

“Friendship is what lubricates the engine of life, but red wine helps too”.

Can’t agree more!

So what’s your favorite wine?

I love a good South African Shiraz or a Bordeaux blend.

I’m rather partial to a pinot grigio or some sort of rose! :smiley:

I don’t do red - or maybe I should say that red doesn’t do me :w00t::w00t:

Well I have a nice selection of wine, but I’ll swap for some medication. :smiley: